Camping and enjoying the outdoors and scenic beauty of the natural environment can be a lot of fun. Doing what you can to ensure you are leaving your campsite in the best state possible when you leave is an issue that is taken too lightly by far too many who visit wilderness settings. Keeping your site clean and protecting the natural environment that you have come to visit will ensure that others are able enjoy the same experiences and opportunities that make camping such a popular activity.

Investing in a few basic Continue reading ‘How To Leave Only Footprints Behind After Camping’


The key to eating healthy while camping is to pack nutritious snacks that don’t need to be cooked or refrigerated. Pack items such as granola bars, canned tuna and canned nuts. These will give you a nutrition boost while you are hiking in the wilderness. Make sure you also pack enough bottled water for your camping trip. Camping outdoors gives you the opportunity for exercise. If you are new to hiking, choose a short trail at first. Make sure you Continue reading ‘Five Steps To Eat Healthy While Camping’


Half the fun of a camping trip is sitting around the campfire and cooking and eating out of doors. Follow these tips to choose tasty foods that will keep you full with minimum fuss on your outdoor adventure.

Pack Smart.
A cooler is an essential for packing food for your camping trip. You will want to carefully choose any perishable foods you choose to bring along, as cooler space is limited and you will need to fill at least 1/3 of your cooler with ice to keep Continue reading ‘Plan And Pack Food For A Camping Trip’


Camping is a joyous experience for people of all ages. There’s nothing quite like taking the time out to enjoy the outdoors. However, you should remember that it is our responsibility to take care of the area that we’re camping in. It’s up to us to ensure that we are respectful of nature and that we do everything within our power to keep it clean and tidy. That is why it is important for every camper to remember the three R’s while camping.


It’s much easier to keep your camping area free of waste if there is less waste being produced. Buy items with little to no packaging. If you don’t need the packaging, unpack the item at the house and dispose of the packaging there instead of at the campsite. If you don’t need it, don’t bring it. Unnecessary items are a major source of waste. Avoid using anything disposable. If you’re using an RV, it’s also a good idea to reduce your energy use. Some campsites provide electricity to RVs, but wasting electricity is almost as bad as wasting items. save energy by turning off any electrical device that you’re not using.


There are some circumstances where campers simply can’t avoid creating some waste. However, you can reuse certain items to reduce your waste even further. Reuse old containers such as coffee cans, plastic bags, paper bags, water bottles, jars and more to store other items. You can also wash out water bottles to continue using them for storing drinking water. However, ensure that you wash them out properly to prevent bacteria buildup. You can even salvage working parts from a broken device for future use in another device. If you can use something more than once, you should.


Recycling can be difficult when camping. Some campsites provide recycle bins for your recyclable items, but some don’t. Separate your waste into recyclable items and regular waste. Bag it up and take it with you when you leave. If you don’t have a recycle bin at home, try to find one on your trip back home. There are numerous drop-off sites for recyclable materials all over the country. In addition, various stores have some recyclable containers available for public use. It’s also a good idea to ask nearby campers if they know of any local recycling bins or drop-off locations.

In addition to those rules, it’s a good idea to pick up any trash that you see at the campsite when you arrive. It may not be your trash, but it’s better to take a few minutes to clean it up rather than leave it there to pollute the local area. If we all remembered to follow these simple rules while camping, we could keep nature as beautiful and pristine as it can possibly be.


Often times when we go camping we do not always plan ahead. It is important when going on a camping trip to make sure that all your camping equipment is in good repair. There is nothing worse than getting to your camp site, setting up the tent and discovering during the sudden unexpected thunder storm that you have a leak in the tent.

Some good rules of thumb to keep your camping equipment in good working order would be for you to inspect all Continue reading ‘Remember To Check Your Camping Equipment Before Packing’


There are so many ways to have fun outdoors, but tent camping is one of the most popular family activities and is sort of like a fun vacation that takes you away from home and helps you and the family relax!

Tent camping gives you a wonderful opportunity to connect with nature. With a tent, you can hike it anywhere in the forest and get deep into the woods to see all the wildlife there is out there. Tent camping lets you get up close to the wildlife and see things differently from the eyes of the wildlife Continue reading ‘Tent Camping Can Be Fun And Affordable’


When you are out camping your should make a point to have something in place in the event of rain. Don’t just assume that you are free from any bad weather just because you saw an extended forecast. A week can make a world of difference when it comes to weather. A trip that is planned for the weekend may look fair and dry on Monday. By Friday there can be some increased chances of rain. This can ruin your camping trip if you are not really prepared for it.Is this Continue reading ‘Be Prepared For The Possibility Of Rain When Camping’


Just like anything else in life planning can make your camping trip a huge success. So what do you need to do to plan for a successful camping trip? What things do you need to do to ensure that everything is ready?

Well the first thing that you will want to do is decide what makes for a successful camping trip for your family. Each families needs are different what looks like successful for a family that rarely goes out in nature compared to a family of avid outdoors man Continue reading ‘Planning For A Successful Camping Trip’


Camping is a great way to spend a vacation, or weekend trip with family or friends. The great thing about it is how simple and cheap it can be. Though some people do indulge, their are ways to make your camping trip frugal.

A good idea to save money is to plan your meals ahead of time. This avoids wasting food or sneaking off to a restaurant. You can also take advantage of sales to maximize your budget. Camping should involve actually camping, this is another way to save a lot of money. Many people have RV’s or Continue reading ‘Five Frugal Camping Tips For Families’